Hire an expert

“Cost efficient”. Salaries outside the USA and Canada are less. A system administrator in Edinburgh, Scotland earns half of the average Bay Area Unix SysAdmin. It’s the same in continental and central Europe, for some time the Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania have been producing highly skilled programmers and SysAdmins available for a fraction of the costs. “Smarter”. BareBSD has distributed teams spread across different countries and continents making our services more flexible, adaptable, and agile. It allows for better emergency coverage. Say your server explodes at 3am PST? No need to wake anyone up, that’s right in the middle of a BareBSD working day and allows us to provide you with 24/7 emergency service from the best. And with multiple BareBSD teams you benefit from our range of different viewpoints that can help you avoid traps that a single team operations person may miss. Our diversity makes for stronger more robust products and services.

Stay ahead

“Fewer headaches”, it may appear cheaper to learn to do it yourself or to try and hire one or more of these talented people and assemble your own team. Or you could let BareBSD manages your needs 24/7. We have managed hundreds of VMs and physical machines without using configuration management tools, and dozens using configuration management. At BareBSD we know how to scale your needs and we understand the value of DevOps, especially for small teams. Besides, you also won’t pay your outsourced staff for those holidays you never heard of. “But it’s ‘outsourcing’! “Yes there is a stigma attached to ‘outsourcing’ or hiring overseas staff, but BareBSD is not about bulk-purchasing mediocre workers because they’re cheaper. We are a European Company that does targeted global hiring of competent and skilled teams because they provide a different set of benefits. And we are NOT CHEAP; instead we are a cost efficient expensive resource. You pay us only when you need to.

It all comes down to

The fact is that most likely you don’t manage your own hardware, and things appear working just fine on rented virtual machines, dedicated servers, and utility-pricing-model ‘cloud’ services. But these hosting or leasing services will ONLY manage the physical hardware needs! Your network will not manage itself and you will need to pick an OS, maintain it, and make all the same decisions that operations people have always made. And hardware leasing companies simply won’t or can’t do it. Or you could hire a full time in house system administrator or tie yourself to a company like Heroku where you will pay a small fortune. If you have not made your fortune yet, or you have but still want to be smart with you money, then let BareBSD handle all your server maintenance needs.